The Book of Smutty Days

Every year we've put together a con zine, featuring stories and artwork from attendees, plus fun quizzes and games. This year, the winner of the previous three quizzes is putting together the quiz -- since we're clearly not beating her at this thing! -- and we're really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for the rest of the zine -- all and any suggestions are welcome (send them to Temaris!)

How to Submit a Story

We accept stories for any fandom or original slash; the stories should be slash (m/m or f/f) or have a slash component (mixed and slash threesomes and moresomes welcome :-) ), and can be any rating. However, we will not accept stories featuring underage sex for legal reasons.

All stories will be reviewed prior to inclusion, and we may ask you to make editorial changes for clarity, for grammar and punctuation, or for other reasons. Any changes will be passed to you prior to publication for your approval, and you are of course welcome to withdraw your story at any time. We do not guarantee to publish your submission, but we very much hope that we can!

Stories should be submitted in plain text or .doc format, by 31st July. You can now upload the story online, or you can send it via email to Temaris. If you believe your story requires editing or beta reading, and you have not been able to find a beta reader or editor, we are happy to help, but would appreciate some extra time to do this! If you want to send us a story, but don't think you can make the deadlines please contact Temaris.

Stories time out in the February following the convention, at which time you are welcome to redistribute the stories wherever you wish. We would like to include your story in the online version of the zine at that time, and you should let us know if you would prefer to opt out of this.

How to Submit Artwork 

We would love to have any submissions of artwork for the zine! We always are looking for a cover for the front of the zine, and a cover for the Book of Smutty Days -- the story section of the con zine.

Artwork for the front cover of the zine should be discreet, and contain the words Connotations 2012. Artwork for the Book of Smutty Days, and any interior illustrations can be as indiscreet as you please! The cover for The Book of Smutty Days should include the words: The Book of Smutty Days Vol. (or volume) 9 (or nine).

Artwork should be designed to fit to an A4 page, and submitted in jpg, png or tiff format, by 15th August, via email attachment to Claire. If you have any questions about submitting artwork to the zine, please feel free to contact Claire about it.


Connotations #10 will run 5-7 October 2012. Registration is now open! For more information on registering for 2012 see the Registration page.


For more information on our convention panels and events, see our Panels page.