Convention Panels

We have around fourteen panels over the weekend, with the usual mix of serious discussion, beloved fannish obsessions, fannish squee, meta and silliness.

As always, absolutely any topic is fair game for the convention - from fandom-specific to the most meta-tastic; from the technical to the absurd. The things that bug you, the things you don't get, the things you wish people would talk about - it's all good. The first panel starts 2pm on Friday, and the last ends 3pm on Sunday.

Recommending Panels

Please feel free to suggest your potential panel from now or at any time up to when we start voting. On 15th August, we put up a post on our Livejournal where you can start posting your suggestions for possible panels -- as brief or as detailed as you like.

On 1st September, we open a Panel Poll, where you can vote for the panels you want to see. The Poll will close on 7th September.

The Pimp Session

The Pimp Session runs on Sunday afternoon, where you get five minutes to distill and sell the core of *your* fandom. You can do a reading, a monologue, puppet theatre, mimes, powerpoint, slideshows, music vids, or even a presentation consisting entirely of stick figure representations. They've all been done before, and more! Whatever you have to hand, whatever you think will make other people's eyes light up and go: yes! that fandom! Must. Have. More.

Signups are on a sheet near reg desk during the event, and no, you don't have to do it on your own. The only restriction is nothing that's been pimped before. There is voting and a small prize, but I wouldn't worry about that, it's really all about getting five minutes and a captive audience...

The Vid Show

The Connotations vid show is a chance for people to both show off their mad skillz at vidding and to pimp their fandom.

We have a very robust setup, and are confident that unless you do something really weird, we will be able to play it.

Our preference would be for as high quality files as possible, but not everyone can make dvds, and we've shown wmv, avi, realplayer, quicktime, dvd (regions 0 through 5), even powerpoint presentations with embedded mp3 *g*. We'll cope with whatever you throw at us.

You can send us files either by uploading them to a website and sending us the link, or posting the cd or dvd with the file on it. Please contact Claire if you wish to discuss this further. The file should be accompanied by the following minimum information:

Vidder name
pairing (if applicable)
vid name (if applicable)
email address for feedback
website (if applicable)

Vids must be sent to us by August 31, but if you're intending on submitting a vid and can't make that deadline, please let us know as soon as possible.

And remember, people, it's submit your own, or it's Tyler/El Blanco on loop...


Connotations #10 will run 5-7 October 2012. Registration is now open! For more information on registering for 2012 see the Registration page.

Con Zine!

Want to be in this year's con zine? See our Con Zine page for more information.