About the Hotel

This year we are back at the Royal County Hotel, Durham. The hotel has a central location and great amenities, and we're really excited to be returning there. All attendees staying at the Marriott will have access to the facilities and amenities, plus full board for the three days 5-7 October.

Hotel booking is open!

You can book by phone or book online on our dedicated Marriot webpage. To book online please make sure you use the page from this link, as it will embed the necessary code for your rate.

If you are staying Friday night you will need to book the Dinner, Bed and Breakfast rate of 110.00 single occupancy, 149.00 double occupancy, these can be booked by selecting the DBB Single Double choice. If you require a triple occupancy room at 230.00 DBB you will need to select DBB Triple. For the Saturday and Sunday Evenings, you will need to book the 24 Hour Rate of 145.00 single occupancy and 215.00 double occupancy, again by selecting 24hr Single Double Occupancy again on the left hand side of this page. If you require a triple occupancy room on the evenings of Saturday and Sunday you will need to ring the hotel directly on 0191 375 3606.

To make your reservations for the DBB rate and the 24hr rate, you will need to make 2 separate reservations, these will be linked directly by the hotel to ensure that you remain in the same bedroom for the full weekend.

We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel in October.

"Saturday and Sunday you are on a 24hr rate which includes all of your meals throughout the day. You can book single, double or triple occupancy.

"For any guests staying on the Friday evening you will need to make 2 separate reservations, one for Friday and a second one for Saturday/Sunday."


Connotations #10 will run 5-7 October 2012. Registration is now open, and hotel booking will be available from April. For more information on registering for 2012 see the Registration page.


For more information on our convention panels and events, see our Panels page.