About Connotations

Connotations is a multi-media, multi-fandom slash convention that runs across three days in early October. We usually have panels running through the entire convention, with a separate room for our zine library, a full AV set-up for people to share their latest fannish obsessions, and for general fan discussions.

Saturday night has the Moderately Tidy dinner — which is attended in everything from cutoffs and trainers to ballgowns and stilettos. Sunday has the infamous Pimp Session — the hour of madness where attendees bring their underappreciated fandoms to the rest of us. We also have our ever-growing raffle, the proceeds of which go to charity, which in 2010 and 2011 was the Poppy Project, which helps trafficked women.

Panels are suggested and voted on by attendees in the weeks leading up to the event. There are around fourteen panels during the convention, and they are usually a mix of meta and fandom-based discussions, with everyone encouraged to join in.

In case you were wondering about the organisers, we are Claire, Temaris and Seph. We're still talking to each other after nine events and planning #10, and we're still alive, which is about the best recommendation you're going to get! We've been slashing for awhile now, and writing fanfiction since before we knew what it was. We love doing this, and we definitely want you to enjoy this too, so we're always open to ideas and suggestions.

Information usually goes first to the YahooGroups mailing list and our LiveJournal Community, so please join and feel free to chat, ask questions, or just lurk!


As far as is possible, the concom has always tried to ensure that if someone wishes to come, and has concerns regarding accessibility, we will do what we can within the limitations of the hotel and the event to help them attend and participate.

The hotel is disabled accessible, with lifts to the convention areas and bedrooms, with flat areas and ramps as well as stairs. There is flat level access from some bedrooms to the convention area -- please let the hotel know that you need one of these rooms if you have mobility issues. Please do not ask for these rooms unless you need them as the quantity is limited.

We do not presently have closed loop audio support in the rooms, nor do we have a designated person who can sign. If this will make it harder for you to attend, please contact the concom who will do their best to fix this.

Guide dogs/service animals are welcome, as are carers. Carers may attend free of charge so long as they are there for the attendee rather than the event. If the carer wishes to attend the convention as well as support the attendee we ask that they register as usual.

Infants up to the age of one year are welcome. Over the age of one they will have to wait until they are eighteen.

We would like to reiterate that we want you to tell us what you need. We have happily adapted for various attendees' needs over the years, and we want people to feel they can come, they can talk to us, and can criticise.


Connotations #10 will run 5-7 October 2012. Registration is now open! For more information on registering for 2012 see the Registration page.

Con Zine!

Want to be in this year's con zine? See our Con Zine page for more information.